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7 effective ways to prevent dehydration this summer season

  • By Surajit Barman
  • •  May 20, 2024

7 effective ways to prevent dehydration this summer season

Dehydration is quite common in summer. This is the season when most people suffer from heatstroke and even faint due to dehydration. So to prevent adverse effects of summer heat on health and prevent dehydration this season, here are some healthy tips and tricks you can follow. Because diet not only protects you from the intense summer heat and dehydration, but also plays an important role in improving your overall health. So here are some easy tips to get you started!

Tips to combat dehydration

When the heat burns high, it causes the body to lose water, which makes you feel sluggish and tired. It usually happens when the amount of water lost through sweat and stool exceeds the amount of water or fluids you consume. As water is lost from the body, so is the balance of fluids and salts in the body. This is when you begin to experience symptoms of dehydration such as headaches, dizziness, weakness and dry mouth. If these are ignored, it can lead to unconsciousness and serious health complications. Therefore, extra care should be taken to prevent heatstroke and dehydration during summer, especially for elderly people and children.

Rather than pulling up your socks after experiencing summer heat stroke, it's wise to prevent it with simple home remedies. And what better way to combat summer heat and dehydration than to make some changes to your diet in a healthy way. Here are the seven most effective and simple tips to beat the summer heat and prevent dehydration naturally.

1. Load up your water intake

Yes! One of the best, most effective and simple tips to prevent dehydration in summer is to drink plenty of water. The water level in the body decreases due to extreme heat outside. As a result, this causes fluid imbalance in the body and increases your risk of headaches, light-headedness and fainting. So, during summer, make sure to increase your water intake as part of your daily routine.

Instead of drinking loads of water at once, take regular small sips throughout the day. It helps you stay hydrated all day long. Also, don't forget to drink at least two liters of water a day during summer.

Don't let the heat drain you - stay fresh and hydrated with our electrolyte drinks!

2. Eat fruits and vegetables that are high in water content
Water alone is not enough to combat the summer heat and dehydration Since salt and minerals are also lost from the body along with water, it is good to increase the amount of hydrating fruits and vegetables in the diet. These fruits also help in keeping your body cool and provide various nutrients.

Instead of eating chips and burgers, opt for a salad with fresh fruits and vegetables like grapes, watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, papaya and oranges to beat the summer heat.

3. Drink healthy juices (not carbonated beverages)
When summer comes around, we all pile our fridges with cold drinks and carbonated drinks. However, this is not a good idea as these drinks not only rob you of essential nutrients but also make you feel thirstier.

Instead, choose a healthy, homemade fruit juice or vegetable juice to satisfy your thirst. You can drink coconut water, bottled bitter gourd juice, carrot and beetroot juice or try detox drinks (fruit pieces soaked in water overnight). Also, drinks with simple herbs or spices like ginger, cumin or mint work as one of the best home remedies for dehydration. You can even go the traditional way and drink a glass of lemon water which not only helps in detoxification but also helps in fighting dehydration.

4. Stay Hydrated During/After Exercise
Daily exercise is a good habit but not for your health. The best way to prevent complications while exercising, especially on hot days, is to stay hydrated. Since the body loses fluids and electrolytes after a strenuous exercise session, it is important to replenish the body's lost minerals and water to prevent dehydration. Don't let dehydration hold up your fitness routine by staying hydrated. Also, avoid chemical-laden and sugary drinks after exercise as these will do more harm than good in the long run.

5. Try the homemade popsicles
Who does not love to eat ice cream on hot days? Isn't the thought enough to make you yearn for it now? How about trying some homemade popsicles this summer? Yes, homemade popsicles are not only a healthier alternative to ice cream but also help you reap the benefits of fruits. All you need are fresh fruits, herbs, sugar and water. Add chopped fruit, herbs, sugar and water to a blender, mix and pour into a mold. Refrigerate it for 6 to 8 hours and the popsicles are ready.

You can make a wide range of popsicles at home to satisfy your thirst and enjoy it on any afternoon. And what's best? Even your kids will love to eat the cold popsicles, thus helping to maintain a healthy fluid balance in the summer.

6. Make the most of soups and smoothies during this season
Soups are an integral part of the daily diet for those who are planning to keep a strict control over their diet for weight loss. However, you can make the most of these soups during the summer to stay hydrated and prevent dehydration. Same rule applies to smoothies. So, this summer make it a habit to include soups and smoothies in your diet. This will not only add more fluids to your body but also help you control your appetite and keep a tab on your food intake.
Moreover, for fussy eaters, home-made smoothies with nuts, fresh fruit and chocolate can make them drink the drink without a second thought!

7. Include curd and butter milk in diet
Don't think twice before incorporating yogurt and buttermilk into your diet this summer. It not only works as one of the simplest and most effective home remedies for dehydration but also has a cooling effect on the stomach and body. Additionally, it is known to help treat mild dehydration by replenishing the body with lost fluids and salts. Also, if you suffer from diarrhea or vomiting, eating yogurt or drinking buttermilk helps you deal with it as it acts as a probiotic.

A few other quick tips:

1. Dress appropriately: Wear light-colored, lightweight, breathable clothing during summer to help regulate your body temperature and reduce sweating. 

2. Take breaks in the shade: When spending time outside, take frequent breaks in the shade to rest and cool down. Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, particularly during the hottest part of the day.

3. Avoid too much alcohol and caffeine: Both alcohol and caffeine can contribute to dehydration by increasing the production of urine. Limit your intake of these drinks, especially when spending time outdoors in the heat.

4. Set Reminders: During summer activities, it is easy to forget to drink water. Set reminders on your phone or use apps to prompt you to sip water regularly

5. Plan outdoor activities wisely: Schedule outdoor activities during cooler parts of the day, like early morning or late afternoon. Avoid strenuous exercise during periods of peak heat to reduce the risk of dehydration.

6. Cool down with a cold shower: Take a refreshing cold shower to lower your body temperature and reduce the risk of overheating.

7. Use a portable fan: Carry a portable misting fan to spray cold water on your face and body for instant relief from heat.

8. Listen to your body: Pay attention to signs of dehydration, such as thirst, dry mouth, fatigue, dizziness, or dark urine, and respond promptly with hydration.

This summer, don't let the heat beat you to the punch with heatstroke and dehydration. Follow these simple tips and remedies to beat the summer heat and prevent dehydration at home naturally.

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